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Trusts and foundations, which are frequently used in conjunction with companies, can play a key role in the wealth management needs of individuals, families and corporates.

Carefully planned and structured, they can enable clients to preserve, protect and accumulate wealth, whilst minimising or deferring exposure to tax.

Various types of trusts and foundations have been developed and the most suitable structure will depend upon each client’s unique circumstances. With offices in many of the jurisdictions featuring trust and foundation laws, we are well placed to meet most client requirements.

We assist our clients (in conjunction with their own professional advisers) on the formation, administration and management of trusts, foundations, partnerships and companies. Our private clients range from the small family trust to large complex international family offices, while our corporate clients range from small family businesses to top 100 international public companies.

The provision of trust and foundation services is one of our core lines of business and has been for so many years. We take the time at the outset to understand our clients’ requirements and expectations to ensure that we develop the right relationship and the optimal solution.

As we are completely independent, we are not tied to any other service provider which allows us to offer our clients unfettered choice in selecting and working with third party service providers and professional advisers.

We aim to offer the highest level of personal service as our culture is all about building long term relationships. Many of our clients have been with us not just for years, but for generations.

Our Specialists

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