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  • CHARITIES | Guernsey

    CHARITIES Many of our clients engage in charitable giving. This will often be through donations directly to individual charities, but some of our clients seek our help and guidance in forming and running their own charities, charitable trusts and foundations. ​ We can help at every stage of a charity’s life, from advising on its creation and structure and, where necessary, on how to bring it to an orderly end, while assisting the trustees with its administrative, accounting, regulatory and compliance needs in its lifetime. ​ We also have extensive experience in advising on all aspects of regulatory audit and independent examination requirements of charities and can deliver a wide range of related services to those involved in charitable giving both in the UK and around the world. Our expertise derived from servicing this wide range of clients has enabled us to build a multi-skilled team, whose members understand the issues that matter to you. Our Specialists

  • PRIVACY | Guernsey

    PRIVACY The only personal data that this website can collect is: ​ If you choose to send us an email using one of the email addresses listed on the site. This email address will only be used to correspond with you. If you choose to submit data via the subscription section of the “Technical Updates” section. This data will be used to send you the publications and updates that you have requested. You may unsubscribe from our mailings at anytime. ​ If you have any concerns or questions about the data that we collect and use for the client services we are providing then please contact the partner or director in the local office that provides the service to you.

  • GUERNSEY | Guernsey

    GUERNSEY Rawlinson & Hunter has been present in Guernsey since 1980. Guernsey is recognised as one of the best regulated and well respected offshore financial centres in the world. It has long established Trust and Company legislation and is known for its modern and innovative legislation within the financial services arena. This specialised and established legal framework enables us to offer excellence and expertise to our international client base. ​ As a locally owned and managed fiduciary service provider, we have the autonomy and independence which allows us to focus on our clients’ needs. We pride ourselves on our personal and flexible approach to client servicing. ​ We provide trustee and corporate administration services, family office and private trust company administration services, together with advisory and accounting services associated with international structures. We work for both private clients and corporations located around the globe.

  • OUR PEOPLE | Guernsey

    OUR PEOPLE Search Our strength lies in our people whose expertise and commitment enable us to provide a top quality pro-active tailored service in every office. By forename... Select person... arrow&v By surname... Select person... arrow&v By expertise... Select expertise... arrow&v Reset Filters

  • LEGAL | Guernsey

    LEGAL Rawlinson & Hunter International is a grouping of independent firms with members throughout the world. It is not a legal entity in its own right and does not offer professional services in its own name. Each independent member of Rawlinson & Hunter International is a separate firm. These firms are not members of one international partnership or group, or otherwise necessarily legal partners or members with each other, nor is any one firm responsible for the services or activities of any other. Firms in certain jurisdictions offer services through a partnership structure or through the medium of limited liability vehicles, or both, depending on the nature of services offered. The partners and directors of each of the firms within the Rawlinson & Hunter grouping pride themselves on the shared ethos and quality of advice given across the Rawlinson & Hunter grouping. As a result, use is made throughout this website of the expressions “our” and “we” in reference to the service provided by each of the Rawlinson & Hunter firms. This should not be construed as Rawlinson & Hunter International existing as a single entity. Although the firms carry the same name, there is no common ownership among the firms of Rawlinson & Hunter International. This website is designed for the information of readers. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, information contained on the site may not be comprehensive and readers should not act upon it without seeking professional advice. The application and impact of the laws can vary widely from case to case, based upon the specific or unique facts involved. Accordingly, the information in this site is not intended to serve as legal, accounting, financial or tax advice. Users are encouraged to consult with professional advisers at their local Rawlinson & Hunter International office for advice concerning specific matters before making any decision. A list of legal partners and directors of that office can only be obtained from that office and nothing in this website shall imply that any other persons mentioned herein are partners or members of that office.


    WEALTH REPORTING As investment products become more diverse, keeping track of the financially successful family’s assets and their value is becoming increasingly difficult. This can make monitoring the family’s wealth, at best, more time consuming and, at worst, almost impossible for the family administrator or trustee. ​ We have developed our own systems and procedures for monitoring the composition and performance of a family’s investments and other assets. Our systems enable us to present the family or its advisers with comprehensive and timely reports consolidating the family’s entire asset base. The asset and performance analyses within our reports are tailored to the individual family’s needs in a way that we believe is unique in the marketplace. ​ We consider that our independence from the investment process means that we can concentrate on our client’s needs and monitor objectively any investment adviser’s performance. Our Specialists

  • Laura McCarthy

    OUR PEOPLE Search Our strength lies in our people whose expertise and commitment enable us to provide a top quality pro-active tailored service in every office. By forename... Select person... arrow&v By surname... Select person... arrow&v By expertise... Select expertise... arrow&v Reset Filters Laura McCarthy Finance Director +44 (0)1481 711 166 Laura is finance director of the Guernsey office where she also leads a team of accountants providing a range of financial reporting services to trust, company, and investment clients. Laura has worked within the Guernsey financial services industry for over 20 years. She joined Rawlinson & Hunter in 2009 and specialises in providing accounting services and bespoke wealth reporting for international family structures. Laura is a practising member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, a fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accounts, and a member of the Institute of Directors. Expertise

  • PHILANTHROPY | Guernsey

    PHILANTHROPY There is a growing interest in philanthropy and charitable giving, not only through donations made directly to individual charities, but also in creating and running new charities and making social investments. ​ We advise individuals interested in charitable giving on how best to utilise the available tax reliefs and allowances so as to maximise the benefit to the charity concerned. We can advise on the creation of new charities, whether by way of a trust, foundation or corporate vehicle, and advise and assist on the administrative, accounting, regulatory and compliance issues faced by the charity in its lifetime. We can also advise on how best to deal with a charity approaching the end of its useful life. ​ We have extensive experience of international philanthropy and are well placed to advise on cross-border giving, and on the practical issues that arise. Our Specialists


    REGISTERED OFFICES Guernsey ​ Rawlinson & Hunter Limited and R&H Trust Co. (Guernsey) Limited Trafalgar Court 3rd Floor, West Wing St Peter Port Guernsey, GY1 2JA Channel Islands

  • INTERNATIONAL | Guernsey

    INTERNATIONAL Our offices stretch from London to New Zealand, through Guernsey and Jersey to Switzerland, Bermuda, the Cayman Islands, the British Virgin Islands, Singapore and Australia. ​ The maze of UK and international law is complex to navigate alone, particularly for clients with profiles in many jurisdictions. Our grouping of offices can provide global advice and solutions. We administer billions of dollars of assets in offshore jurisdictions and specialise in providing trust and company administration services. Visit International Site

  • ESTATE PLANNING | Guernsey

    ESTATE PLANNING Estate planning demands a detailed appreciation of the circumstances of each client and the flexibility to respond to their wishes. Our emphasis on client relationships has enabled us to build a considerable reputation in this area. ​ Regular reviews of the estate and detailed illustrative calculations of potential liabilities keep our clients aware of opportunities available to them, while our international focus allows us to advise clients with assets in multiple jurisdictions. Frequent discussions with the client and the client’s family ensure that we are aware of their wishes as they develop and can act in their best interests. ​ For UK connected clients, the inheritance regime provides excellent opportunities to plan estates and protect family wealth through the use of lifetime gifts, trusts, family limited partnerships and careful consideration of wills. ​ Our expertise in tax planning means that we are an excellent choice for clients wishing to draft their wills in a tax efficient manner. Our partners are also experienced in acting as executors, alone or with family members or lawyers. We have all the necessary experience to deal with the administration of the estate, from the initial application for probate to the final distribution. The close relationships we build up with our clients mean that we can deal effectively with any sensitive family issues that arise. Our Specialists Alasdair Cross Senior Partner E: T: +44 (0)1481 711 166 View bio... Karen Higgins Partner E: T: +44 (0)1481 711 166 View bio... Ciaran O'Neill Partner E: T: +44 (0)1481 711 166 View bio... Laura McCarthy Finance Director E: T: +44 (0)1481 711 166 View bio...

  • CONTACT | Guernsey

    CONTACT US Office Address Guernsey Rawlinson & Hunter Limited and R&H Trust Co. (Guernsey) Limited Trafalgar Court 3rd Floor, West Wing St Peter Port Guernsey, GY1 2JA Channel Islands T +44 (0)1481 7111166 E

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